Kanye West Is In A Really Good Place, Sources Say His Marriage To Kim Kardashian Is Stronger Than Ever

All you haters out there hoping to see another Kanye West breakdown might be a little disappointed by this news. It’s been nearly one year since West had a meltdown on stage and canceled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo tour due to stress and exhaustion. He spent over a week in the hospital.

In the months after the incident, West has been focused on his family. He hasn’t been attending many events or going to a lot of parties. As a source put it, the 40-year-old rapper has been determined to stay calm.

“Kanye is in a good place right now. He’s working on his music and laying low. He’s been focused on staying calm and not doing anything to mess his mindset up. He’s in the zone. He’s the best he’s ever been — he’s very stable. There haven’t been any manic outbursts. You’re going to see a calm Kanye who is taking it day by day. He and Kim [Kardashianare stronger than ever.”

And that’s a very good thing because he and Kim are expecting their third baby together in January 2018 via surrogate. And if all the rumors are true, Khloe and Kylie will also be having a baby around the same time.

It’s going to be very interesting if Kim, Khloe and Kylie all have their babies within like two or three months of each other. If so, you have to imagine it was all planned by Kris Jenner.

How would you like to have that much power? Crazy.

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