Nick Offerman Says The ‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast Have All Been Supporting Chris Pratt During His Split From Anna Faris

It’s been a difficult past few months for Chris Pratt, at least when it comes to his personal life. His career is still going strong, but as you all know, his marriage has died. He and Anna Faris announced in August that they were splitting after eight years of marriage.

Most people have taken Faris’ side in this split, but the cast of ‘Parks and Recreation‘ refuse to turn their backs on their friend. While attending Pen Center USA’s 27th Annual Literary Awards Festival in California, Nick Offerman talked about how the entire cast is supporting Pratt during this difficult time.

“It’s a family. We’re all human beings, and all dealing with foibles and hardships, whether they’re in the newspaper or not. Chris has our shoulders, just like everybody else does. … It’s a great group therapy session. We have a family thread of texting that’s been going for eight or nine years. Usually it’s no more than two or three days go by where we all – somebody has something to chime in on. So we all stay in touch. We have just said [that] it’s been too long since we’ve all been together. So just this week, we’re scrambling to find a date we can all sit and hug each other.”

That’s right, folks. Even though the show ended back in 2015, the cast members still text each other every week. They truly developed a family on set, and that’s probably why the show was so freaking hilarious. They all enjoyed working together.

Offerman was also asked if Pratt was ready to start dating again, “I sure couldn’t tell you anything about that,” he said. We do know that Faris has moved on. She has been hanging out with Michael Barrett recently. They worked together on her upcoming movie, Overboard. You can read more about that by clicking this link.

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