Watching the Full 3 Minute Tyrese Breakdown Video Will Have You Also In Tears! He Blames His Ex and The Rock For Not Landing Jobs and Says He’s Going Broke! (But things Are Not Adding up)

If you are on Instagram then you have certainly seen a snippet of the breakdown. But watching the full video is truly gut wrenching.  I know social media likes to make fun of celebrity tragedy and turn things that would be catastrophic for regular people into Memes when they happen to celebrities (see Wendy Williams fainting), however for the first time I think Tyrese is truly losing it and he needs help.

Watch the full breakdown video.

Does this mean I don’t believe the abuse allegations?  No.  Does this mean he’s not an actor acting?  No.  But what is clear is that this man is troubled.

If you listen to the video, you hear how much child support he’s paying.  $13,000 per month.  While that might sound staggering at first, it’s really not.  Celebrity Networth has Tyrese’s estimated worth at $25 Million.  Now I realize that’s not liquid, but he should easily be able to pay out $156,000 a year.  Easily.  Very Easily.

He posts videos of this Voltron company, trips to Dubai, his new Chef, tricked out cars…etc.  A personal chef alone is $150K per year.  He launched his album Black Rose as an Independent and he was part of two of the biggest franchises in movie history: Transformers and Fast and the Furious.  His money should be long!


It’s all clear now; because he needs that Fast 9 money and The Rock basically pushed that movie out to 2020.  Got it!  That’s why Tyrese is so pissed.  He continued to lash out at the Rock during his reckless Instagram tirade as well.  He basically called Dwayne Johnson a clown….again.  And then he put the nail in his financial coffin.  He said if Hobbs is in Fast 9 then Roman Pierce will not be in there.  Here is his post.

He’s killing himself professionally. He just crapped on all his rich friends and God knows what his new wife is doing in all of this swirl.  She’s probably wondering why she signed that prenup….or even worse, she might be at the pool celebrating because she didn’t sign a prenup.

I think Will Smith needs to step in again and help this brutha out.  Where is Reverend Run?  Someone help, because Tyrese is a disaster and the first intervention needs to be somebody taking his damn phone!!

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