Crazy Video Has Surfaced Showing NFL Linebacker Jonathan Casillas Taking Down Five Security Guards Inside Casino (VIDEO)


Are you ready for some football? The security guards you see in the video above weren’t. NY Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas is a big and strong dude, as most football players are, and he used that power to take down five security guards inside a casino back in 2012.

For some reason, this insane video is just now being released. The incident went down in 2012 at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. At around six in the morning, something pissed Casillas off, and he went outside the hotel/casino to cool down. And that cooling down session involved throwing a potted plant across the parking lot.

He then walked back inside the casino, where he was confronted by a gaggle of security guards. No word on why they were surrounding him, but things went from 0 to 100 real quick.

It took five grown a** men to take Casillas down. They probably pulled every muscle in their body trying to drag him to the ground. Eventually, they were successful and they were able to handcuff him.

TMZ has reached out to Atlantic City PD to find out what the hell happened, and if criminal charges were filed. No one is really talking about the incident, though. A source told the site that a civil suit was filed, but they didn’t reveal who filed it. So, basically, we have nothing but the insane video above.

Hopefully more information is released. Even though it happened back in 2012, I’d love to know what caused this. If I was in that security team, I’d call my guys back and be like, “Is this worth it? I mean, really worth it? We’re getting paid $13 an hour. This ain’t our fight.”

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