BREAKING UP AGAIN?!? Andy Cohen Gets Xscape to Reveal They Are Recording New Material…….Without Kandi (3 VIDEO CLIPS)

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole Xscape comeback. I didn’t think they were that great before, but apparently it’s a big deal. Their tour is quickly selling out all of its planned dates.

The group was most recently together with Andy Cohen on Bravo. Andy is the master of drama and he uses his show, “Watch What Happens Live” to capture it all on tape.

The drama kicked off when Andy asked the ladies about an episode of their docuseries where it appeared that Kandi didn’t know all the dance moves. Andy called her out and her response was completely unexpected. Kandi said,

“We were learning the moves in that part, but it was some things that happened in different episodes that I didn’t know because they had done stuff without me, so I didn’t know changes that they made to the song.”

That led down a path of super awkwardness, and it was revealed that the group was basically recording songs without Kandi. Kandi admitted,

“I’m going to Broadway and some other things and they’re going to be working on music,”

If it wasn’t clear, then it’s super clear now, that there is still a lot of hate in the group. When Andy asked who the most successful member of the group was after the break up, they all said themselves. However the real answer is Kandi, who’s networth has now ballooned to $35 million.

Watch the clips below:

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