‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama: Jenelle Evans And Her Leader/Husband David Eason Storm Off Reunion Set…Find Out Why David Was Super Pissed At Dr. Drew!

Typically, MTV saves most of the juicy ‘Teen Mom 2‘ drama for the second part of the reunion special, which airs next Monday. But this time, they did things a little differently and showed one of the most controversial moments in the part one special.

And of course the moment was connected to Jenelle Evans, who just can’t seem to escape drama. She sat down with Dr. Drew, and things started out fine. He asked about her relationship with her mother and her wedding.

But then the conversation shifted to her relationship with her husband David Eason. “Everyone tries bashing him,” she told Dr. Drew, and he responded by trying to figure out why she’s attracted to, uh, aggressive dudes. If you’ve watched the show, then you know Eason shows all the signs of being a controlling abuser.

And to prove his anger is beyond control, Eason fumed backstage after Dr. Drew suggested he was aggressive, “He’s trying to make me upset and it’s pissing me off. He’s a drama queen. And he’s probably a f***er,” Eason said while watching the show backstage. I could have sworn that last word was actually typed on screen without the “er” at the end, which made me believe Eason called him a gay slur. But no one is talking about that today, so I’m going to assume I read it wrong.

Anyway, during a commercial break, Eason went on the stage and convinced Jenelle to leave, ’cause she will do anything he says. They left the building, leaving everyone a bit confused.

Dr. Drew then invited Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith and his mother on the stage, and they expressed concerns over how Eason is allegedly disciplining Kaiser, “I’m terribly frightened for Kaiser. I see red flags. All I want is someone to protect my grandchild,” she said, while also revealing she has filed for temporary custody of Kaiser.

It’s all entertainment to us, but we have to remember these are real people going through this sh*t. Hopefully things turn around for Jenelle, but it seems like her life is destined to be f**ked up.

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