Oops! Ray J Made False Claims. “The Real” Sets the Record Straight; Ray J Is Not Hired. Watch Response Video Clowning Ray But then Letting Him Down Gently (VIDEO)

After a somewhat successful appearance on ‘The Real’, after the show Ray J took to social media and sent out the post you see above.  The caption reads:

Looks like a got a new job!!! Stay tuned!! #TheRealwithRayJ #telepictures#DaytimeTV


Look at the hashtags.  I think it’s not a stretch to insinuate from that post that he is the new co-host of “The Real”.  The internet took the bait and the stories started flooding social media.  There were some people who believed it, some people who didn’t believe and some who just wouldn’t accept it as fact.





The ladies of The Real decided to set the record straight.  They ain’t hiring.  Watch the segment – They clown him, but then spare his feelings and turn him down gently.

I’m sure Ray J isn’t too upset.  But due to the reaction, if “The Real” ever needs a ratings boost, a male perspective just might do the trick.

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