Surprise, Surprise! Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hooking Up With Another 20-Year-Old Model!

We’re not sure if Leonardo DiCaprio is afraid to find true love, or if he’s simply happy banging chicks half his age. If you know anything about DiCaprio, beyond his great acting skills, you know he loves to date young models. The 43-year-old actor loves them blonde, skinny, and in their 20s.

Back in July of 2016, it was confirmed that the Oscar winner was dating 25-year-old model Nina Agdal. They broke up in May of 2017, and it looks like Leo only needed a few months off to get over Agdal, ’cause now he has moved on to a new, younger model.

Sources close to the actor claim he’s currently dating 20-year-old model Cami Morrone. They were seen leaving Morrone’s home in Los Angeles on Saturday. Earlier in the day, they were spotted shopping together at Barneys. DiCaprio tried to hide himself behind sunglasses and a baseball cap.

It doesn’t look like they are serious, but no one ever expects things to be “serious” with Leo. It doesn’t look like he’s ever going to settle down. And you know what? That’s cool. He doesn’t have to follow the set guidelines for life. He doesn’t have to marry someone, have a kid, send the kid to college.

He can continue to f**k girls who just got out of college! It doesn’t seem like it would be fulfilling, but maybe he’s getting his fullness somewhere else.

Or maybe he’s incredibly depressed that he hasn’t found true love yet. Who knows?

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