ARRESTED & CHARGED: ’13 Reasons Why’ Actor Used His Small Role To Trick And Steal From The Elderly!

This is a pretty messed up story. 13 Reasons Why actor Bryan Box had a minor role in the hit Netflix show. He played a high school student named Jamie Garrison, and even though he wasn’t a main character, it still earned him some bragging points at his work.

You see, before he landed the role, Box worked as a caretaker at various Marin County residences. And apparently after the show was released, Box went back to visit some of his former employers.

US Weekly explains:

“The publication reports that Box would visit his former employers to discuss his new acting career, including locally filmed 13 Reasons Why, and offered the residents small gifts or kind comments before stealing from them.”

He was linked to six burglaries in total and has been accused of stealing electronics, jewelry, checks and even medication. That’s right, some poor old man probably lost his toe because Box stole his diabetes medication. Police arrested him at his family’s home in Vallejo, California on December 29, 2017. His bail was set at $250,000. He was released a short time later on a bail bond and his arraignment is set for January 16, 2018.

No word on how much time in jail he’s facing, but he could get a few years for this. Or if his family is rich, he’ll probably get by with a few months in jail and a year or two of probation.

By the way, 13 Reasons Why returns later this year to Netflix. It’s not clear if Box returned for the second season or not.

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