New ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Teaser Invites You To Vote On Where The Gang Should Go For This Final Vacation (VIDEO)


If you’ve been following our site, then you know the original ‘Jersey Shore‘ gang is coming back for one more party. Jersey Shore Family Reunion is set to premiere on MTV later this year, but before they get there, the network is asking you for a little help.

In the new teaser you see at the top of this page, MTV is encouraging fans to vote on a vacation location for Pauly D, JWOWW, Ronnie, Snooki, The Situation and Deena.

“F–kin’ New York? F–kin’ Dallas? F–kin’ Chicago? Ole F–kin’ Faithful? F–kin’ Miami? F–kin’ Las Vegas? F–kin’ Grand Canyon? F–kin’ San Fran? Mt. F–kin’ Rushmore? F–kin Seattle?” the teaser asks before flashing a photo of the White House with the words, “No f–kin’ way”

Fans can use the hashtag #JSFAMILYVACATION to vote on a location. I’m assuming you have to choose from the locations listed above, and I would automatically cross out the Grand Canyon because I don’t think the Canyon is popping with any clubs or gyms. And even though it would be fun to watch Snooki ride a bull, I’m gonna cross out Dallas because it just ain’t fun enough.

My money is on Miami, Las Vegas or New York. I think San Francisco is a little too, uh, classy for the Jersey Shore gang. We’ll see what happens, though.

Now if only they can convince Sammi to join them before they start filming. As most of you know, she has refused to come back for this reunion because she doesn’t want to film with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie. She doesn’t want anymore drama in her life.

We can’t blame her for that, but if she is truly over Ronnie…why would there be any drama?

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