Kevin Gates Has Been Released From Prison After Serving Just Nine Months!

It’s a happy 2018 for Kevin Gates and his fans. According to multiple reports, the rapper was released from prison early Wednesday morning after serving 9 months of a 30-month sentence. The nearly three-year sentence was for a felony weapons charge.

Some of you may remember that he was released from prison last year, but he was re-arrested the same day for an outstanding weapons-related warrant.

Billboard explains:

“Gates’ first sentence stemmed from his 2015 battery charge after an alleged altercation with a female fan at a Florida concert. Under his parole, Gates will allegedly be under mandatory supervision and cannot possess any firearms during his time out of jail.”

Hopefully he can stay out of trouble this time! I’m sure he was watching his back after getting released. I imagine he’s a bit paranoid now after getting released and arrested on the same day last year. That’s like winning the lottery and then getting hit by a bus on your way to cash in.

For those who don’t remember, this is what the infamous kick (that landed him in jail) looked like…

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