AWKWARD! Floyd Mayweather Was Asked About the #Metoo Movement And FAILED. But His Answer Was So Typical Floyd, That You Got To Love Him! (Video Snippet and Full Interview)

Floyd is at the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas this week to launch his new Virtual Reality Game.  It’s truly a smart investment and I believe Floyd is right on trend with this.  Currently it’s not available in homes, but gyms can order the VR headset and hold training classes.

Along with the VR program, Mayweather plans on starting a line of Mayweather boxing gyms.  The first and flagship Mayweather Boxing + Fitness tech-enabled gym will open later this month in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, Floyd is definitely making his money work for him.

His team is also planning launch an iOS app that will provide in-home workouts in addition to the gym-based routines, heart rate measurement and tracking, community engagement, plus class bookings for Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gyms.

This is hopefully all more money for Floyd!


During his interview, they began to ask Floyd some random questions and he was asked about #metoo movement.  It was clear that he had no idea what they were talking about.  But Floyd being Floyd had a quick-witted response, and then he appeared to recover.  Watch.

Below is the full Interview.  Mayweather makes it clear that he has no intentions on coming out of retirement and that he plans to continue to make more money.

As far as his answer to the #metoo question….he’s rich, we’ve learned that he has a big heart and so far his name hasn’t been brought up in any sexual accusations so I could care less that he didn’t know what a hashtag meant.  Keep doing you Floyd!!

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