Aziz Ansari Skips The SAG Awards Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Find Out Why That Was Probably A Smart Move

You all know about the drama that has been following Aziz Ansari around the past week or two. We are not going to examine every piece of the allegation puzzle against him, but basically he was super aggressive during a date, the woman stayed around longer than she should have, and the next day she thought about what happened and thought, “Hm. I should tell him how uncomfortable he made me.” He apologized to her, and then months later, she told her story to

Well, the SAG Awards went down last night (Jan 21) and Ansari was nominated for outstanding actor in a comedy series. It’s an award he won during the Golden Globes earlier this month, so most people believed he had a decent chance of winning last night.

But even with the odds in his favor, Ansari decided to skip the awards. He did not attend the event last night, and that’s probably a good thing. Not only would he have been surrounded by the media asking him questions, he also would have had an awkward night with his fellow nominees.

When the nominees for his category were announced, every nominee got applause…except Ansari.

“After Ansari was nominated for his his role in the Netflix show ‘Master of None,’ there was noticeable silence and no pause was given to allow for applause or any other reactions.”

Even though there is some debate surrounding this case of alleged sexual misconduct, it’s clear no one in Hollywood is going to risk their career to defend Ansari.

No one except HLN host Ashleigh Banfield

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