James Franco Was Digitally Removed From The ‘Vanity Fair’ Hollywood Cover After Sexual Misconduct Claims

Hollywood is coming down hard on James Franco. You all know about the allegations against the 39-year-old actor. After winning Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) at the 2018 Golden Globes for his performance in The Disaster Artist, Franco’s career has took a solid right hook to the face.

At least five women have accused Franco of sexual misconduct. Four of those women were former students at Franco’s Hollywood film school Studio 4. They basically accused him of being a creep and using his power in the industry to make them do things they weren’t exactly comfortable doing.

A lot of people in Hollywood have quietly distanced themselves from Franco following the allegations, even though he claims the stories from the women are not 100% accurate. Before the allegations came out against him, Franco sat down with Vanity Fair for a photo shoot and interview. He was set to be included in their special Hollywood issue, which celebrates some of the top nominees this awards season.

But the magazine made a last minute decision to remove Franco from the cover. He was digitally removed from the cover, and a spokesperson for Vanity Fair sent out the brief statement you see below…

“We made a decision not to include James Franco on the Hollywood cover once we learned of the misconduct allegations against him.”

It makes sense. They have to protect their image, and right now, you don’t want Franco’s face on the cover of your magazine. That’s just the way the cookie is crumbling right now.

By the way, sources close to the actor claim he’s paranoid now and will only talk to a few people, “He changed his phone number the second the scandal broke. He’s keeping a very low profile. He is only talking to a very few select people now.”

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