EXPOSED! Mo’Nique Goes After Roland Martin on Social Media and Roland Puts Her on Blast! He Explains The Real Reason Mo’Nique Gets No Call Backs! (ALL THE POSTS)


Mo’Nique has done one thing right…she’s managed to stay relevant for longer than a week.  In her latest quest for attention, she calls out Roland Martin.

With his TV One show wound down, Roland had some time on his hands, or should I say, on his fingers and he let his twitter fingers go to work.

It also might be fair to mention, that he was on his way to his Aunt’s funeral, so his mood could not have been at its best.

In a barrage of tweets, Roland explained how Mo’Niques previous behavior and attitude to those who are around her, is the real reason she is not getting the success she deserves.

Here is Roland Martin’s entire response to being called out.  THIS IS GOING TO HURT!!

WATCH: Mo’Nique when she was on NewsOne with Roland Martin

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