DJ Khaled’s Future Brother-In-Law Is Dead After Being Shot In The Face While Trying To Buy Marijuana

Jonathan Tuck on the left, Brandon Davis on the right

If you still don’t believe the ridiculous ‘war on drugs’ is doing more harm than good, then maybe this tragic story will convince you. Jonathan Tuck, the future brother-in-law of DJ Khaled, was shot to death on Sunday night less than a half mile from his apartment in the Bronx.

According to the reports, the younger brother of Nicole Tuck (DJ Khaled’s fiancée), was trying to buy marijuana when someone shot him in the face at around 9:00 pm Sunday night. He was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors were unable to save him.

Officers believe there was some type of argument before the shooting, but they don’t know what it was about. The New York Daily News explains:

“The second-floor apartment on Washington Ave. near E. 185th St, remained roped off Monday night, as police continued their investigation into the shooting. Cops believe Tuck argued with his attacker before the shooting but it’s not clear if that quarrel stemmed from the alleged pot deal.”

Brandon Davis had been Tuck’s friend for seven years, and he told reporters that Tuck was a great guy. He believes he must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Davis explained that Tuck was supposed to watch the Super Bowl with him, but he never showed up, and at four in the morning on Monday, Tuck’s girlfriend called him with the news.

DJ Khaled was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl when Tuck was killed. Both Nicole and her mother rushed to New York after learning about the fatal shooting.

“Police took a 34-year-old man into custody for questioning Sunday, but as of Monday, no one had been charged with Tuck’s killing. Davis, the godfather of Tuck’s 1-year-old daughter, said his family deserves to know what happened in the Bronx apartment. ‘He was my friend. I loved that guy. I’ve argued with him, I’ve bled with him. We’ve talked, prayed and cried. The good and bad, that’s my family.'”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tuck’s friends and family.

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