Omarosa Talks About Her Time At The White House In ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Clip, Warns Us That It’s NOT Going To Be Okay…WHAT? (VIDEO)

As you all know, Omarosa is participating in the latest season of ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Edition,’ and there were a lot of people excited about this because they hoped she would spill some secrets about her time in the White House with President Donald Trump.

And we have some good news for you all, on tonight’s episode, she is going to talk about it. CBS released the preview clip you see above, which features Omarosa having a #deep conversation with fellow contestant Ross Matthews. The conversation is obviously meant to be taken seriously, but I found myself laughing my a** off.

In the clip, Matthews basically asks her what the hell she was thinking going to the White House with someone like Trump, and she responded by saying she didn’t do it for Trump. She did it for her country. She wanted to serve her country. She then talks about how haunted she was by Trump’s tweets, as if they were ghosts knocking over sh*t inside her bedroom at night.

And then Matthews pops the real question, “Should we be worried?” and instead of saying, “Nah, it’ll be okay,” Omarosa pretty much told him to pack his bags and move to Canada.

“It’s not going to be okay,” she said, which appeared to make Matthews question his entire life. It’s the most bizarre conversation I’ve ever heard, fueled by the fact that they were whispering during the entire thing.

I find it difficult to take anything Omarosa says seriously, ’cause I feel like she’s only looking out for herself. She knows if she says sh*t like, “It’s not going to be okay,” it’s gonna sell more copies of her book. People will want to hear exactly why it’s not going to be okay. She’s a smart businesswoman.

I just hope Matthews is going to be okay. Dude was shook.

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