News Producer Suspended For Telling Neighbor his Son is Dating a N**r During an Argument Caught on Tape. (VIDEO)

Can A Racist Really Produce Unbiased News? She Should Be Fired.

A WSVN-Channel 7 producer has been suspended after video surfaced of an argument that she had with a neighbor over a parking spot.

The video itself is embarrassing, because Robin Cross is a 49 year old, news professional.  Her job (according to her LinkedIn profile) is an Investigative producer for WSVN Channel 7.  She has also had prior jobs in the news industry with NBC and CBS, and has a lot of experience with social media.  She should know that in 2018 everything is caught on tape.  She should also know that using the “N” word to describe a black person, although it is free speech, often comes with a cost.

Although in the video she is addressing the father, the son was the one who finally exposed the video.  After initially contacting the station, the son, Avery Fenton and his father were told that the incident was being investigated before the station stopped responding to them all together.  Avery sent the video to 3 different people along with a letter that began with:

“I hope this day finds you in better spirits than I,” Avery Fenton writes in the letter. “I have video footage and a photograph of one of your employees behaving in a manner that, I imagine, is highly inconsistent with the mission and values of the WSVN and FOX networks (and their affiliates), nationally OR locally (the incident took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida).”

He did not receive any responses and decided then, to go public.  Basically, the news station brought this on themselves.


And not that it should matter…but in today’s society let’s face it, it matters:

Avery Fenton, from all accounts seems to be just a straight up, all American, good looking, tall, successful guy.  He’s an attorney living in Florida loving life.

The woman he’s dating is not only beautiful, but educated and Fenton describes her in the letter as:

“beautiful both inside and out, and has a kind heart. Neither she, nor anyone in America, deserves to be spoken of in such a manner, in a public setting or otherwise.”

BTW – she is also studying to obtain her doctorate.

They are just a really good looking, educated couple, by all measures!

I thank Avery for his courage, because this puts his relationship out there in the public for all the trolls, but if it helps to bring attention and hopefully correction to people who are controlling our news then this is big.  How can you report and edit news stories fairly if you are referring to this woman as a “N**r”.

You can’t.  You just can’t.  Let’s hope WSVN does the right thing.

Here is the video!

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