Craig Mack’s Religious Cult Likely Responsible for His Death. Eric Sermon Says Craig Was Frail, Thin and Walking With a Cane Months Before His Death (Eric Sermon Video and Cult Video)

I actually did this story back in 2012 when I first learned that Craig Mack had joined this ministry.  In the old story you can see that the ministry is self-sustained meaning that they refuse health care and as a result have been charged with a few infant deaths.

Craig was said to have had high blood pressure and diabetes so refusing medical help is the last thing he should have been doing.  Eric Sermon says that he was operating with just 25% of his heart and walking with a cane.  That is just tragic.

Below is the video from Eric Sermon and then a clip of Craig freestyling in the Church.  After is the original post from 2012, which is a pretty decent post if I do say so myself.  The whole tale is a sad one.


CRAIG’S MACK LAST RECORDED FREESTYLE (He still had crazy skills)

This is Craig Mack during his stay at the Overcomer Ministry, where he is asked to come up in front of the church and freestyle.  He still had the powerful voice and sick bars!!



This is by far the craziest story of the day.  No, “f” that,  of the entire week.  Today on Hot 97, I heard the clip and had to find it and listen to it again for myself.  Let me take a few steps back….


Craig Mack was the first artist ever to sign with Diddy, back when he was Puffy aka Puff Daddy.  He started Bad Boy Entertainment and and signed then unknown Craig Mack back in 1994.  Mack dropped a singled called “Flava in ya Ear” that was sick! Super sick.  You could hear that song bumpin in every car that drove by.  In what would be one of the secrets to Puffy’s success, they did a remix of the song.  It featured none other then The Notorious B.I.G. This is what blew Biggie to stardom.  So in essence he is the man that helped launch the career of one of the greatest rappers of all time.

After releasing his first album which went gold he released a second one called “Operation : Get Down”.  I brought both, I still have both.  Dude’s flow was insane.  After B.I.G. blew up, Mack fell back and disappeared, just to reappear in 2012 as part of a cult!!


This is truly creepy.  Their  website is Over Comer  Everyone is calling it a cult…I’m not sure if it’s accurate but that’s what it feels like.  The whole place is run by a preacher named “Brother R.G. Stair”.  


Here are some photos of the actual place!




Brother Stair brought a motel in Walterboro, South Carolina back in 1978 and somehow was able to convince people to sell everything they owned and take a vow of poverty and move to the motel.  Since then he has been able to get more and more families, of different ages and races to denounce their belongings and move to the compound.  Craig Mack was one of those families!

The motel hit capacity and they began to move in mobile homes and even built houses.  The kids learn in a one room school house and everyone eats communal meals.  The compound is totally self-sustaining where they make and grow their own food, they make their own clothes and the dress is ultra conservative.  Long dresses for the women, and collared shirts for the men.  It’s just like “Little House on the Prairie”, but sprinkled with some black people!

Brother R.G. Stair

Despite the vow of poverty, Stair is able to collect huge donations, sometimes totaling $100K per month, but the ministry doesn’t even break even because his sermons play on radio where airtime costs are around $1 Million dollars.

He’s been accused of running a Jim Jones type of cult.  They do not accept medical help and as a consequence he has been charged with some infant deaths.   Upon investigations after allegations stating that people couldn’t leave because Stair controlled their finances authorities concluded that there were no wrong doing.


Back in 2002, Stair was charged with sexual misconduct.  Two women who lived on the compound said that Stair basically coerced them by “enforcing his religious/ personal beliefs” on them resulting in them getting touched in appropriately.  Stair pleaded to a lesser charge of assault and battery and did 77 days in jail.

This incident divided the compound where 40 members decided to leave.  Somehow the now 79 year old Stair has been able to holding things together.


Insert Craig Mack!  A rapper with a voice that can’t be mistaken is heard on this audio clip (now video clip).  He is living on this compound!  It’s hard to believe, but when you hear the voice you know for a fact that it’s him.   He is there on the compound, that just blows my mind!  I would give anything for a picture of Craig Mack, in homemade clothes doing farm work.  But for now, I will just have to settle for this audio clip!  Also have pictures from the compound!

Original Audio Clip Replaced with a Video Clip


UPDATE: The now 84-year-old preacher in December was arrested on charges of assault with intent to commit first-degree criminal sexual conduct, third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary and three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

As you can see, it’s not that crazy to think that Craig’s affiliation with this cult and their resistance to the latest and greatest health care treatment and his lack of individual monetary resources would have major impacts on his ability to treat his diabetes as well as seek the help needed for his heart condition.

Truly a sad ending to a great MC. R.I.P. Craig Mack! 


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