Hold Up…Is Drake Going To Be Featured On Kanye’s Next Album? Photos Prove Drake Linked Up With Kanye In Wyoming!

We already knew Kanye West’s upcoming album was going to be huge. He’s been in Wyoming working on the album for a few weeks now. Several artists have already stopped by Kanye’s vacation home/recording studio in the mountains. Artists like Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Nas and The-Dream.

It’s possible they were just simply visiting Kanye, but it’s more likely they were there to collab with him on his next album. After all, Kim Kardashian joined Kanye in Wyoming last week and revealed he was there recording new music.

She posted several photos from the trip, and those photos have turned out to be very important. You see, Drake’s personal photographer/videographer, Theo Skudra, shared footage on his Instagram story on Thursday, and the view looks very similar to the view in Kim’s photos…

You see that sh*t? Pretty sure that’s the same balcony/railing, which means Theo is at Kanye’s place in Wyoming, and it’s almost certain that Theo wouldn’t be there without Drake.

Another piece of evidence? On Wednesday, Drake was on a gaming stream and he revealed he had to leave because he needed to pack for a flight.



…A FLIGHT TO WYOMING, I BET! This means Kanye’s new album is going to be epic. He’s not trying to come back quietly through a side door.

He is kicking down the front door and screaming, “I’M BACK MOTHERF**KERS!”

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