T.I. Calls For A Boycott On Starbucks After Viral Video Shows Two Black Men Being Kicked Out Of Philly Starbucks For Simply Being Black (VIDEO)


If you checked your Facebook this weekend, there is a decent chance you saw the viral video showing two black men being kicked out of a Starbucks in Philadelphia for simply being black.

When an employee asked the two men to leave, they informed the employees that they were waiting on their business partner. The employee was still super suspicious, ’cause again these dudes were black and obviously up to no good, so the cops were called to the location.

The cops started questioning them in front of everyone, and they told the officers the same thing. They were simply waiting on their friend to show up before placing an order. The officers continued to harass them, though…even after the customers inside the Starbucks defended the guys by saying they were doing nothing wrong.

It all ended when the cops arrested the men for “trespassing” or some bullsh*t charge. It was such a ridiculous situation. No customer inside the place felt threatened, but the cops just weren’t listening, and it all started with some racist employee who couldn’t handle being around two black dudes.

Rapper T.I. saw the video and he believes people should boycott the popular coffee chain. He said that a simple apology isn’t enough, and you know what? He’s right, ’cause a simple explanation wasn’t enough for the employee who started all this sh*t.

It’s worth noting that the CEO of Starbucks is scheduled to meet with the two men who were arrested, so we’ll see what happens after that.

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