Video Surfaces of Jim Jones and His Crew getting Jumped. Jimmy Hops on Instagram and Shows Video of The Goon That’s Hired to Protect him. (Dude is a beast)

Jim Jones was at a club in Springfield, Mass taking photos when things got real messy.  As Jim was taking photos with a bunch of women, you can see an argument began which quickly escalates into fisticuffs.

Although the video below says that Jim Jones got beat, it appears that he was just held back while everyone was scrapping.  Then you can hear people yell that the cops are coming and the crowd disperses like roaches.  That’s exactly how it was done back in the day.  It was basically an old school, after the club lets out brawl.

No one was hospitalized and no one was arrested.  Here is the clip:

A representative for Jim Jones clarified to Complex that the rapper was never scheduled to perform at Club Zone or host for the night, but was at the event in a walk-thru capacity.


Jim hopped on the gram and introduced is 1.7 million followers to his boy @dudvampfitt.

First he posted this with the caption:

My Nigga is Haitian grew up in porter prince he dont give a fuck about odds he really mean he ready to die for this lol he said 1 against 20 is pretty normal for him cause he ain’t Normal he a savage and he did his job he made sure not a hand was laid on upon th boss ps his jacket was covered in blood but he dint have a scratch on him lol if u lookin for him @dudvampfitthe ain’t hard to find #VL #WastedTalent out now

Then he showed us, just how big dude really is.  As 50 would say, if you see him coming #getthestrap!  He captioned the post:

My man @dudvampfitt said this how he feelin today after last nights action 1 on 20 he wit th shits sak pase #Vampfitt

Here’s the post.

And if you haven’t picked up Wasted Talent yet….here’s a snippet from The Howard Stern show today that just might convince you to pick it up.

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