You Heard John Cena Beg For Nikki Bella To Come Back Home, Now Watch Her Response Inside! IS SHE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE? (VIDEO)


We are loving what is going on between John Cena and Nikki Bella right now. Most celebrity couples are extremely private with their relationship. When they break up, all they’ll give us is, “Our schedules just didn’t work out,” which we know is bullsh*t 99% of the time.

But Cena and Bella are being shockingly open about their recent split. If you missed our story earlier this week, click on this link to check it out. Basically, after Bella canceled their wedding, Cena went on the Today show and begged for her to come back. He said he wants to have kids with her. She is the love of his life! It was a pretty emotional video.

And now just a few days later, Bella has responded to Cena’s comments. She was on the Today show with her twin sister Brie.

She admitted that she was shocked by Cena’s comments…

“I literally was in the middle of the red carpet for the NBCUniversal Upfront and got the breaking news. John—and you guys know this—is absolutely an amazing man. He is such a sweetheart and I truly love him so much. He’s my best friend. 

But I think a lot of us who go through the wedding planning process are forced to face these issues that we have hiding deep down inside. I just know that a healthy me will be a healthy us. I do have hope for our future, but I know right now, I need to work on me.”

She also seemed to hint that Cena wasn’t always this open with his feelings. She talked about how hard it was being the one to always give early on in the relationship, and now that Cena is finally ready to give back, she’s like, “Wait…how do I feel about this?”

What does Brie think about all this? Well, she’s obviously going to support her sister no matter what, but she also made it clear that she’s a huge fan of Cena and thinks of him as a brother.

“You know, I’m her twin; I have her back. John’s my brother. I text him all the time. He was actually my first Mother’s Day text I got. I love him. He’s a great man. I love them both together and I can’t wait to see how this ends.”

Have your popcorn ready to go, folks!

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