The Backstreet Boys Just Released A New Single For The First Time In 5 Years, Watch The Music Video Inside!

It’s been five years since the Backstreet Boys released new music, and this time it looks like they’re trying to take full advantage of the current trends in the industry.

Their new single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart‘ sounds like almost every other pop song on the radio, which is not exactly an insult. It’s generic as hell, but it’s also super catchy and might become a huge hit.

It’s their first track under RCA Records and comes on the heels of their 25th anniversary. Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson said he knew instantly this song would be a success…

“The minute we heard this song we knew it was special. I geeked out over the piano and synths. When that groove drops on the second verse, COME ON. Great verse, hook and melodies. Just makes you wanna listen over and over again.”

Interesting note on Richardson, if you Google “Kevin Richardson,” a South African zookeeper also named Kevin Richardson comes up before the Backstreet Boy. I’ll let you try to figure out what that means for Richardson’s career.

Anyway, the boy band claims they’re working on their 10th studio album. No word on when it might be released, but it looks like they are in full comeback mode. They’ve already been killin’ it in Las Vegas with their Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life show, which has been extended into November.

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