LeBron James Going Full Hollywood, Has Power Dinner With Leonardo DiCaprio And Al Pacino!


As you all know, LeBron James signed a massive four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. He will be getting paid $153.3 million in total, which is just insane to think about it. $153.3 million for just four years of work!

Since signing the deal, James has been spending time in Hollywood meeting with some very important people. Earlier in the week, he had dinner Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

And on Wednesday night, he stepped up his game by having dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino. That’s right, you had Leo, LeBron and Al at one table together! Can you imagine how big that tip was?

The meeting took place at Avra Beverly Hills. LeBron’s business partner (Maverick Carter) was also there, so it looks like this dinner might have been more business than pleasure, although, we can’t imagine what they might be working on.

We do know Leo and Al are currently working together for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ film. Highly doubt this meeting had anything to do with the movie though.

Leo is a huge Lakers fan. He has been spotted several times taking in games at Staples Center, so maybe he just wanted to welcome James to town.

What’s interesting though is that it doesn’t look like he’s met with any of his new teammates yet. Suppose he’ll have plenty of time for that though.

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