‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Speaks Out After Arrest, Admits (For Perhaps The First Time) He Messed Up!

Hopefully you all watched the last season or two of ‘Teen Mom OG‘ because some crazy drama went down featuring Maci Bookout’s baby daddy, Ryan Edwards. He got addicted to prescription painkillers, and then branched out to heroin. His family refused to acknowledge that something was wrong until he almost passed out while driving down the highway. He went to rehab for a month, and has been trying to stay clean since.

But his recovery has not been perfect. Late last month, Edwards was booked in Tennessee for breaking probation over a 2017 heroin possession charge.

He was in jail a week for the crime, and maybe that week in jail changed him a bit, because he’s now admitting his mistakes. This is HUGE for Ryan because in the past he never took responsibility for anything…probably because his family never made him.

Ryan told E! News the following:

“I got a speeding ticket and while I was pulled over, it came up that I was in violation of my probation because the community service had not been completed. I didn’t do all of it. I went to jail for not doing all of my community service. It’s not that I wasn’t taking the community service seriously, it’s just that we have so much going on, I didn’t realize the deadline had passed. It was just a misunderstanding. I thought I had more time.

I take full accountability. I messed up, but I’ve had a chance to get organized and fix the situation.” 

That’s definitely good to hear. Maybe there is hope for Ryan after all. Although, he is currently nursing a broken ankle after “tripping over the family dog,” which sounds like something that would only happen to an alcoholic. It’s a suspicious injury…that’s all I’m saying. Yeah, maybe he tripped over the dog, but did he trip because he was high as a kite? I dunno.

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