Cardi B Says She’ll Perform At The Super Bowl, But She Wants Her Own Set Away From Maroon 5

As some of you may know, the NFL disappointed millions of fans by announcing that Maroon 5 would headline the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show in Atlanta.

The news was not only disappointing because Maroon 5 sucks, but also because the NFL had a chance to showcase the extremely hot music scene in Atlanta. As Bruno Mars said back in February, they have (or now had) the chance to bring a rocking party to Atlanta with artists like T.I., Outkast, Lil Jon, Jeezy and more.



They should have listened to Bruno because no one is happy with the Maroon 5 choice. The NFL tried to please fans by inviting Cardi B to perform her song ‘Girls Like You‘ with the band, but she hasn’t said yes.

Sources say she wants her own set…

“Our sources say Cardi is in negotiations to perform her song with Maroon 5, ‘Girls Like You’ — and the main issue being discussed is whether or not CB gets a solo set. We’re told she’s getting a lot of offers to perform in early February … so she’s trying to make the best deal possible.”

Sounds like a huge mess to me. Let’s say Cardi B gets a solo set and performs a few songs. Then what? You’re going to have a mix of Maroon 5 love ballads and Cardi B bangers? That sounds horrific.

The NFL should push Maroon 5 back a year and give Atlanta fans the show they deserve.

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