Dude Tricks His Hilarious Grandma By Acting Like He Pooped His Pants…MUST WATCH! (VIDEO)

A great prank video is one where no one gets hurt or embarrassed. Classic pranks focus on laughter and having a good time, and that’s one of the reasons we absolutely love this video.

In the clip below, a grandson sets up his grandma by complaining about stomach pains all week. He then made up some story about his car needing work to get her inside a closed space.

Little did she know, he had fart spray inside the vehicle and had smeared chocolate over his shorts to make it look (and smell!) like he had a sh*t himself.

I laughed at this video for at least 10 minutes. I showed my friends and family, and now I’m sharing it with you all, ’cause everyone deserves to laugh today.

His grandma’s reaction is priceless! We won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say, she ain’t down with that brown. YA’ NASTY!

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