Lakers and Rockets Have Insane Brawl On Court, And Even The Star-Filled LA Crowd Got Heated (VIDEO)

Just in case you missed it, click play on the video above to watch the Lakers and Rockets throw multiple punches on the court. It all started when Chris Paul claimed Rajon Rondo spit on him during a verbal argument on the court.

When that happened, Paul lost his cool and put his hand on Rondo’s face, which resulted in the brawl. It’s pretty rare to see punches being thrown in the NBA. That’s something you see in the NHL and even MLB, but it happens less in the NBA.

So when a fight does occur, everyone gets heated, including the crowd. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was at the game, and he lost his mind when the fight went down. You can see him in the clip below yelling at Paul and a Rockets staffer.



He shouted “F**k you” at the staffer and flipped him off. Security was able to push Kiedis back and he was reportedly allowed to return to his seat, which angered lots of people. If any “normal” fan would have done that, they would have been kicked out immediately.

In any event, it was announced on Sunday that Paul will be suspended 2 games and Rondo will get 3 games.

Fans of the NBA probably aren’t shocked by this fight. It’s known in the NBA world that Rondo and Paul hate each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.

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