Leave Al Roker Alone Dammit! Megyn Kelly Fans Come for Al Roker After He Dresses As a White Character for Halloween! (Pssst…it’s not the same as blackface)

One look at Al Roker’s twitter account and you see a man who understands society, social media and the fact that you can’t reason with unreasonable people.

Blackface is one of these things like the N-word.  It was used to demean and disrespect black people for years.  White people used to dress up in black face and portray characters that were exaggerated depictions of black people.  They would talk in broken English, have big pink lips painted on themselves, and dance around like idiots. These acts proliferated the stereotypes of black people being uneducated, unintelligent, fools.

Fast-forward to today.  Like the N-word, the confederate flag and a handful of other things that symbolize racism, black face is offensive to a lot of people.  In general if something is collectively deemed offensive, then you typically just don’t do it.

Why would you want to offend people especially if there are other choices and nothing to be gained except possibly negative attention.  Oh, I know why? Because you are an entitled asshole. And because this is something that society is saying that you are not entitled to do, you have an issue with that.

In the Trump era, people forget that racism and sexism are actually really bad, and if you are not in the White House, it’s generally not tolerated.  Megyn Kelly found this out.   As we know, her following is typically a bunch of die-hard, unreasonable people.  These are the people coming for Al Roker!

Why? Because he dressed up as Doc from Back to the Future.  Yes, Doc is a white character, however, Al didn’t paint his face white to be doc, he just put the hair and the clothes.  That’s no different then Gabrielle Union dressed as Gwen Stefani, Wiz Khalifa as Elvis, or any black kid who dresses as Superman or batman.  The big difference is that they didn’t paint their face.


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No. Doubt. @gwenstefani

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Anyone who tries to argue that this is the same is just plain ridiculous.

Al realizes this and after explaining for the last time, he had a message for all the haters:

He now just replies back to each nasty comment on twitter with: Bless Your heart.  Have a nice Day.  And while many haters are getting angry that he is not responding….Al knows you can’t reason with the unreasonable.  And trying to, will only waste precious time out of your life that you won’t get back.

Good for you Al, and as a fan I look forward to your costumes every year.

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