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Multiple Celebrities Freak Out After Seeing A Bright Blue Light Fill Up The Sky In New York City (VIDEO)

If you were on Twitter last night, then you might have seen people in New York City freaking out over a bright blue light. In the video above, you can see the light. It was EXTREMELY bright and made it look as if aliens were dropping in for a visit.

Several celebrities live in NYC and they went on their social media accounts hoping to find answers…






So what the hell was this mysterious blue light? Well, according to officials, an energy company called Con Edison claims there was a brief fire at their plant. The NYPD said there were no injuries and that the light was certainly not sparked from “extraterrestrial activity.”

But of course that’s exactly what they’d say if it were aliens, so who can we really trust? Maybe the aliens wanted to take advantage of Target’s insane 50% off sale this weekend.

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