Spider Man on Braodway – Not a Good idea?

Sunday night’s performance of the long awaited musical was quite a train wreck!  According to reports in various media outlets, ie The Wall Street Journal & NY Times..the Bono created “Spider-Man; Turn Off the Dark” was a $65 Million dollar fiasco.

There were several delays during the performance and two actors were left dangling from cables like a Circus Soleil act gone wrong.  The musical score was referred to as “dull” and the script “baffling” by the New York Times. The acrobatics are very demanding, one actor broke both his wrists during rehearsal.

The play has been 8 years in the making and if executed right, could net in huge profits.  Sunday’s performance was only a preview.  A preview that was sold out and grossed over $200,000.  Ticket prices went for an average of $117.53.

The official opening is Jan. 11 so there is plenty of times to tweak things before then, getting it right before it’s open to the masses.  Who can forget when the huge house set in Marry Poppins flew off the track in 2006?

Spider Man has potential, but will it be the next Lion King?  I don’t think so. Right now it’s on track to be worse then Shrek The Musical…which cost only $25 million but hasn’t made it’s investors a dime.  (Who thought that was a good idea?)

I will wait for Spiderman 4 the movie, where I’m safe from overhead stunts!