X-Factor Prompting Cowell Death Threats…It must be Good!

It appears that President Obama hasn’t been the only one receiving death threats.  The most powerful man in the entertainment world is now keeping up with Barrack.

Cowell is reported to receive 500 threats per week (I get slightly less..).  Cowell stepped up security by ordering extra security lighting, higher security gates and new fencing for his L.A. mansion.

Cowell says, “People want to kill me.  It’s serious and we have a lot of security now for that reason……My bosses told me that they have been shown emails threatening my life.  They said one man wanted to stab me.  It sent a chill down me.  But I’m used to it”.

You can only help but wonder if the recent upswing in threats is an effect of “The X Factor”.  I’m truly excited now.  I never thought I would say it, but I miss that arrogant, pompous bastard….especially because he’s usually right.

In 2008 he experienced threats from Islamic extremist after the British X-factor contestants recorded a charity single to raise money for injured British troops.