The Trailer For The ‘That’s So Raven’ Sequel Show On Disney Has Been Released, Check Out Raven-Symone In ‘Raven’s Home’ (VIDEO)

Disney brought back ‘Boy Meets World’ a few years ago with ‘Girl Meets World,’ and the experiment was neither positive nor negative. The first season got a lot of attention, ’cause everyone wanted to see what Cory and Topanga were like as adults, but their curiosity didn’t last long because the show wasn’t about Cory and Topanga anymore. It was about their kids. Disney Channel canceled the series after just three seasons.

They’re hoping the next sequel series ‘Raven’s Home‘ has more success. The series picks up years after ‘That’s So Raven,‘ and Raven is now a single mom with two kids, 11-year-old twins named Booker and Nia.

Things get a bit hectic when her best friend Chelsea and her 9-year-old son Levi move in. And just because every sitcom needs one, the children have an edgy best friend/neighbor named Tess. According to the reports, Raven’s kids don’t know about her special power, but that changes when one of the twins starts having visions too.

You can watch the trailer below. The series will premiere on July 21 at 10 p.m. on Disney Channel following the premiere of Descendants 2.

Fans of That’s So Raven…are you excited for this? Don’t be afraid to say no. Oh, and if you’re wondering why Orlando Brown didn’t return for this sequel, click on this link.


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