Trying To Lose Weight? Kaley Cuoco Has Some Tips For You, Read How She Has Maintained Her Fit Body!

It’s the end of summer, which means most people aren’t as concerned with their bodies. Everyone wants to lose weight for the summer only to gain it all back during the fall and winter. Seems like a strange pattern, right? If you lose the weight once, why would you want to go through that struggle again and again?

Maybe this year will be different for you. Maybe you’ll be able to preserve that summer body, or at least only gain a few pounds. ‘Big Bang Theory‘ star Kaley Cuoco talked to Us Weekly recently and shared some of her healthy eating tips.

The 31-year-old actress partnered with Panera Bread to introduce their new craft beverage station, and while promoting the new perk, she talked about her diet, revealing she doesn’t eat much meat anymore…

“I haven’t been eating that much meat lately. So I’m kind of into tofu, which is a new thing for me and a lot of vegetables.”

Lots of clean eating for her. She tries her best to avoid drinks that contain a lot of sugar, “I do think we forget how many calories are even in just like a juice — no one realizes it’s hundreds of calories!”

If she wants a little spice to her drinking life, she’ll mix it up with the plum ginger hibiscus tea from Panera Bread, which is sugar free and contains zero calories, or you know, less than five calories.

When Kaley does cheat, it’s usually with pizza. She loves pizza. And if you’re dragged out to a restaurant with your friends while you’re trying to lose weight, Kaley recommends eating at a restaurant that displays their calorie content…

“I think it’s nice when it’s in front of your face. You know exactly the calories, you know what’s going in, so it keeps you a little bit more accountable.”  

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