Lil Wayne Has Another Seizure, Now His Daughter Is Giving Everyone An Update On His Condition

Honestly, I’m beginning to think DJ Khaled developed his “another one” bit after receiving multiple phone calls informing him that his friend Lil Wayne had another seizure.

Friend: Lil Wayne is in the hospital again, man. Had a seizure last night.

DJ Khaled: Another one?

Friend: Yeah…another one.

The 34-year-old rapper had another seizure over the weekend. He was forced to cancel his performance in Las Vegas after he was found unconscious in a Chicago hotel room. He was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he suffered another seizure.

Obviously, this concerned fans of Lil Wayne, but his 18-year-old daughter went on her social media accounts to let everyone know her father was feeling much better…

As most of you should know, this has been an ongoing problem for Wayne. Back in 2013, he revealed he was “an epileptic” during a radio interview with Power 106…

“The bad news is I’m an epileptic, I’m prone to seizures. Like, this isn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I’ve had a bunch of seizures, y’all just never hear about them. But this time it got real bad ’cause I had three of them in a row and on the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30 percent. Basically, I could’ve died.”

He also admitted that being overworked causes the seizures to happen more often, so hopefully he listens to the signs the universe is giving him and takes a break for a year or two.

Your health is always the most important thing. Your true fans will be there no matter what.

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