Watch: Fantasia Posts Heartwarming and Inspirational Updated Video of Her Brother Recovering from Near Fatal Motorcycle Accident. (This Video will Have you Hugging your loved ones)

Back in September Fantasia’s brother was involved in a motorcycle accident.  It’s still not clear exactly what happened.  I did a bunch of digging and still could not find photos or details of the actual event.  In fact people who live in the town where the accident occurred, say there were almost no details released locally.

What we do know is that Xavier Barrino was no rookie motorcyclist.  He has been riding bikes seriously since at least 2015, according to photos found on his Instagram account.  He was a motorcycle enthusiast who rode everything from dirt bikes to Harley’s.


He’s reported to have had over six surgeries and counting; Fantasia has been documenting his progress on both her account (tasiasword) and his own (Xavierbarrino).  From the amount of surgeries and the nature of his condition, it’s safe to assume there has been suffered damage to his spinal cord.  While it does look like he has the possibility to walk again, it’s clear that it will be a long hard road.

The amazing thing about Instagram is that when tragedy like this occurs, you can see both progress and history.  You can see where Xavier is today, his condition just after the accident and how much life and energy he had before.

It gives you the perspective of life not being promised and how quickly things can change – here is an inspirational, heartbreaking, heartwarming time hop.



Watch me work

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@tasiasword here and I’m learning how to do the workouts

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Enjoy ur friday doing wat u love #weastcoast

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If that doesn’t inspire you to make the most out of today, hug your loved ones, and drive carefully then I don’t know what will.

Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes continue to go out to Xavier for a full recovery.

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