OUCH! Tamar Reveals That Vince has Gotten Another Woman Pregnant and He Then Violated His Restraining Order Trying to Explain (Social Posts)

We knew things were just a little too quiet with these two. Well it appears that it was just the calm before the storm.  Just about an hour ago (gossip never sleeps), Tamar took to her Instagram account and posted a message revealing that the woman(or one of the women) who Vince allegedly slept with, contacted her and said that she was pregnant with Vince’s baby!

I guess Tamar’s plan is to get the news out there before it gets out there.  Here is what she posted:

Along with the following caption:

Say what u want about me…but I’m good & Got Damn tired of the bull💆🏽‍♀️ 2018 belongs to who DARES to take your life BACK!!💪🏽 I’m FIRST in Line!

I also embedded the post because if it doesn’t get deleted, the comments are just as good as anything you will read today.

As this is all new news, it’s not clear how this will affect the divorce proceedings, but if Vince thought there was a chance of reconciliation, he can kiss any chance he thought he had “good-bye”.  In the end, this will prove out better for Tamar.  Sometime you need confirmation that you are making the right decision and if this isn’t confirmation then I don’t know what is.  It just sucks that it has to happen during the holidays.  Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more updates to this story!




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