Chris Brown Makes More People Hate Him By Wishing Rihanna A ‘Happy Birthday’ On Instagram

It’s 2018 and it’s still incredibly easy for people to hate Chris Brown. For those who don’t know (and have obviously not been keeping up with our social media accounts) it’s Rihanna’s birthday.

She turned 30 today (Feb. 20) and since she’s one of the biggest superstars in the world, she’s been receiving happy birthday wishes from people all over the world.

And one of those people wishing her a happy birthday is Chris Brown. The 28-year-old singer shared a childhood photo of Rihanna on his Instagram account in the early morning on Tuesday. He simply captioned the photo, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgalriri”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgalriri

A post shared by 💔🌕💿SILVER AURA🔊 INDIGO CHILD (@chrisbrownofficial) on


And of course, people had a problem with this. Several Instagram users left comments bashing Brown, while others asked him to be respectful and delete the post.


“Delete this?? Abusing women and continuing to stalk them long after they’ve moved on is creepy and sad, not funny or cute.”

“So we just gonna pretend like 2009 didn’t happen? Just stop, Chris. This is getting sad.”

“Bruh she didn’t even like it…. wtf”

You know, I get it. Those photos from 2009 are hard to erase from your memory. He beat the hell out of her. People forgive a lot of things, but beating women isn’t high on the list.

That being said, it’s not like he wrote, “Happy birthday, Rihanna…remember when I punched you in the face? Haha. Good times, right?”

As long as Rihanna is cool with the birthday greeting, we should be okay with it too.

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