Wait, Whaaat? Are ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kailyn Lowry And Leah Messer Dating? We Got The Details You Need! (PHOTOS)

If you’ve been following this site, then you know we are proud ‘Teen Mom‘ lovers…wait, that sounds wrong. We are loyal viewers of the show ‘Teen Mom’ on MTV.

That sounds better, right? I think so. Anyway, we love to report on all the juicy gossip surrounding the stars of the show, and we’re happy to reveal we might have the juiciest story to ever hit the Teen Mom universe.

There is growing proof that Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry are dating. As most of you know, Lowry has announced she is bisexual, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find out she’s dating a woman. But when it comes to Leah? Well, it’s pretty surprising, ’cause she’s from a small town in the south and has only shown interest in men on the show.

But fans are starting to believe there is something going on between Messer and Lowry. The rumors heated up when they took a vacation together earlier this month to Hawaii.

They shared a lot of photos from the trip, but it was Messer’s caption that really sparked the interest. She captioned the photo you see above with, “Many have an image of us but few get the picture. ♥️ I get you and I love you @kaillowry !!” she added a kissing emoji and a “love is love” hashtag, which is very interesting because that hashtag is commonly used in the LGBT community.

She also shared this message on her Twitter account. She didn’t reveal a name, but this was posted during her vacation in Hawaii…




Shortly after fans started asking Lowry about her relationship with Messer, she posted a tweet talking about how one of her friends must be leaking information to the media…

Makes you wonder, huh? This would certainly make Teen Mom 2 more interesting to watch. We are sure the producers are just praying this is true.

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