Khloe Kardashian Has Given Birth To Baby Girl And Tristan Thompson Was There, We Got All The Details Inside!

It’s not easy being a celebrity gossip writer. It’s almost like being one of those freelance stringers who cover all the horrific accidents that take place during the night. You hate to see terrible sh*t happen, but you also want to make a living.

That’s how we feel right now. We hate to see Khloe Kardashian dealing with a cheating boyfriend as she is giving birth to their child, but then again…it’s some juicy a** gossip.

According to multiple reports, Khloe gave birth to a healthy baby girl early Thursday morning at a hospital outside of Cleveland. Sources say a name hasn’t been decided on, and Tristan Thompson was at the hospital. You know who else was there? Kourtney, Kim, Kris and Malika! Can you imagine how uncomfortable that was for Tristan? I bet he was getting some death stares.

This baby had some bad timing, huh? Just two days after the cheating scandal hits the internet, here she comes! It’s possible that the stress of it all is what caused Khloe to go into labor. I’m not a doctor, but I feel like there could be a connection there.

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Will Khloe give Tristan another chance since they have a child together? Or is she done with him?

What’s interesting is that a source told Us Weekly that Khloe was shocked by the video and she never expected Tristan would do something like this…

“It was just a day of absolute turmoil for Khloé as videos emerged of Tristan and the woman arriving back at his New York City hotel and video of him with two other women in a hookah lounge. She just doesn’t even recognize the person in those videos and is absolutely stunned. She never had any reason to not trust him.”

And to that we say…HUH? The dude has cheated on like every girlfriend he’s ever had! How could you fully trust him? Especially after only a year of dating.

Come on, Khloe!

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