Azealia Banks Goes on Social Media and Says She was Just Drugged and Assaulted. Cries Out To Fans For Help! We Have the Shocking Deleted Posts!

With Azealia, you never know if she is doing things for attention or if this was actually what she says it was.

I have to say, the distress in her voice and the message itself lead me to actually believe her.  While everyone was being enamored by Beyonce at Coachella, Azealia was apparently surviving a very traumatic experience.

In the post she says,

“One thing led to another,  I just feel really dumb because it was partially my fault, you know? […] I just feel like a dumbass, such a dummy. I just want to ****in’ disappear right now. I feel really bad.”

“I can’t even look at music right now. I don’t want to let anyone down,  I’m gonna delete all my accounts, because I’m embarrassed. I’m gonna delete everything, and I guess I’ll just come back when I get it together. I just feel really broken down—just when I’m rebuilding myself as an artist. I don’t know how to face y’all.”

“This rape ****, you know. Men can just prey on you and just ****ing badger you and force you to say ‘yes’ […] You feel like you gave consent, but you didn’t give ****. You never wanted to do ****, but there you are, feeling ****ing powerless. Somebody really got the ****ing best of me, and I’m just so unsure how they got it.”

Here is all of her Insta-stories linked together:

That was all on her Insta-stories.  Then she followed it up with some actual posts:

I’m good y’all! Back in Blacktion !! See you tomorrow!!

A post shared by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on

At this point it’s not clear who the man was or if she will be pressing charges but at least she’s safe physically.  Emotionally, if this is true, she’s will be scarred for life.


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