Beyonce And Solange Take A Tumble Together Onstage At Coachella, But Not Before Dancing Their Butts Off! (VIDEO)

It’s been a while since the internet had a great tumble. In fact, it’s probably been about 10 years since Scarlet made the mistake of standing on a coffee table.

But thankfully, we finally have a new tumble to share with you all. Beyonce and Solange were rocking the stage at Coachella on Saturday, April 21. It was Bey’s second week of performing at the festival, and her little sister Solange was once again a special guest.

The two stars were dancing to the song ‘Get Me Bodied’ and it was getting the crowd pretty hyped. The dancing went on for a few minutes before they tapped out.

At the end of the dance party, Beyonce attempted to pick up her sister, but she failed and they both fell to the ground. They played it off well, though. They laughed and kicked their legs in the sky, as if to say, “We planned this!”

You can check out the videos below…

By the way, Queen Bey made history last week by becoming the first black woman ever to headline the festival. Her first performance one week ago had more than 450,000 simultaneous livestream views, making it the most viewed live music festival in YouTube history.

And that is why they call her the Queen.

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