Roseanne Barr Returns To Twitter, Promises To Repair The Pain She Has Caused…BUT DOES SHE MEAN IT?


After taking a brief break from Twitter, Roseanne Barr has returned. Yesterday, she jumped on her account to announce she will be making restitution for the pain she has caused with her racist tweet.

Which sounds nice enough, right? Maybe she finally understands what she wrote was racist and hurtful!

Except, no…she doesn’t, ’cause just a few hours after posting the tweet you see above, she retweeted sh*t like this…



And this is what she constantly does. She’ll make some statement or apology, and then immediately go back on it when a follower says something she agrees with.

She is playing both sides right now, and it’s not cool. There are some people who claim she is bipolar, which wouldn’t be surprising. I’m just surprised her team is still allowing her to post on Twitter. If my job depended on Roseanne being successful, I’d never let her post a tweet again.

In related news, Sara Gilbert (the actress who plays Darlene) talked about the incident on a recent episode of The Talk.

“A lot of people have been hurt by this. I will say I am proud of the show we made. The show has always been about love, diversity and inclusion, and it’s sad to see it end in this way. I am sad for the people who lost their jobs in the process. However, I do stand behind the decision that ABC made.” 

Sources say Gilbert is in talks with ABC to make a spinoff show centered around her character and her kids. We’ll keep you posted. As long as Aunt Jackie is still involved, I’ll watch.

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