Chloe Green And The ‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks Welcome Their First Child Together

You all remember Jeremy Meeks, right? He’s known as the ‘Hot Felon’ after his mugshot went viral back in 2014. He was arrested on felony weapons charges, but most ladies didn’t care about those silly charges. They were too focused on his eyes.

It’s crazy because when the photo was posted to Facebook by the Stockton Police Department, there were several people commenting about how attractive this dude was.

One user even wrote, “He can kidnap me anyday… Hold me against my will lol,” which is pretty crazy because at the time the police department described him as one of the “most violent” criminals in the Stockton area. It wasn’t like he got arrested once for stealing a sandwich from 7/11. The dude was a legit criminal.

After going viral and being released from prison, Meeks’ life has changed quite a bit. He divorced his wife, landed modeling gigs and started a relationship with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

They have been together since June of 2017, and now in June of 2018, they are welcoming their first child together. Green went on her Instagram account this week to let her followers know that she and the baby are healthy following the birth…

What a life for Meeks. Just imagine where he’d be in life had his mugshot not went viral. He’d most likely be stuck inside the prison system. But instead, he saw an opportunity to get out and ran with it.

And if you’re wondering how Meeks is as a boyfriend, well, Green makes it sound like he’s the dream man. Back in February, she wrote this about him for his birthday…

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to My Everything @jmeeksofficial. We have travelled the world together, created the most amazing memories, laughed smiled and really just enjoyed every second of life. This is only the beginning and today is your day baby and it’s going to be the most amazing one!!! Our first birthday of many together. I LOVE YOU.”  

The dude is smart too. He had a baby with Green, which means he’s probably set for life. She’s the daughter of a billionaire.

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