Tekashi69 Takes Beef With Chief Keef To the Next Level; He Posts Video of Him Taking Chief Keef’s Baby’s Mother Shopping At the Gucci Store! (VIDEO)

This is right out of 50 Cent’s playbook, which shouldn’t be of any surprise.  6ix9ine has been spending a lot of time with 50 lately and it appears some of 50’s pettiness has rubbed off.

Takashi’s feud with Chief Keef recently turned serious when Keef was shot at in NYC.  Although Tekashi denied doing the shooting and was reported to be in LA at the time, it could have easily been one of his fans.  I always say that the fans are worse than the artists.  The artists are rich, they have a lot to lose.  Fans on the other hand, they typically have nothing to lose, which makes them way more dangerous.


In a similar manner as 50 did to Rick Ross, Tekashi69 took out Keef’s baby mother, Slim Danger on a shopping spree.  In the clip you can see Tekashi with Sim Danger buying her basically whatever she wants from the Gucci store.

Slim Danger quickly address the camera and says,

If you don’t know how to take care of your girl, n***as gonna take care of her for you

Tekashi brought her a fanny pack, sunglasses, a wallet and a dress.  The total was $75K.  That’s right, these two just spent someone’s yearly salary and they both still look homeless.

Here is the clip

#Tekashi69 out here with #ChiefKeef’s baby mama?! 😳 @6ix9ine_ #WSHH

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Tekashi also had beef with Ebro from Hot 97.  Apparently he was denied access to Summer Jam and Ebro says it was because the feud with Chief Keef.


Guess who couldn’t get into Summer jam? Now he’s apparently pissed. __ . Like the rest of us mature adults, Ol man Ebro has had enough of 69’s internet stunts. It doesn’t translate well into real life. Period. According to Complex.com Ebro said explained… __ . “Reason we didn’t have you on Summer Jam is cause you don’t know how to shut up bro,” Ebro explained on the show. When Peter Rosenberg asks if Ebro had ever seriously considered letting 6ix9ine perform, the host admitted he had, but later changed his mind thanks to the rapper’s problematic IG habits and possible involvement in the recent Chief Keef shooting. __ . “I had a whole thing but I wasn’t gonna tell him in advance because his dumbass doesn’t know how to shut up,” Ebro said. “We had a whole plan. People was working. People really wanna help this kid but he doesn’t know how to shut up.” __ . “You wanna jump on the IG when shootings happen…no one wants you in a state run facility…with your stupid ass.” __ . Trust me. Ebro is right. When people pay their hard earned money, they not trying to hear gunshots or have their show cancelled because you are out here acting like an ass for an internet audience who can’t even afford to buy tickets to the show. __ . click #tvsmackdaily for today’s stories Celebrating that Celebrity Lifestyle __________________________ www.TVsmackTalk.com __________________________ (Ignore) #tvsmacktalk #celebritynews #entertainmentnews #celebrity #celebrityphotos #celebs #celebritygossip #candidphotos #tvsmackdaily #famous #famousphoto #gossipblog #trendingnews #69 #takashi

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