Surprise, Surprise! The New ‘Big Brother’ Is Full Of Terrible People: Racist Comments And A Sexual Assault Wit An Ice Cream Scooper All Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Season 20 of ‘Big Brother‘ just started recently, and we’re already getting a clear look at how terrible the contestants are. Those 24 hour live feeds really tell quite the story.

First, we’re gonna talk about the ice cream scooper. A contestant named JC Mounduix has been terrorizing his housemates with an ice cream scooper. The cameras caught him sneaking inside a room, and sticking the scooper under the blankets toward one housemate’s private area.

At one point he says, “Open your vagina. It feels good,” and if this were a straight dude, we’re sure the production team would have stepped in. But because JC is gay, the situation is more complicated.



What’s interesting is that you can hear one of the housemates say, “It’s just JC, he’s harmless” after he rubs his hand against a housemate’s vagina.

Big Brother fans are calling on CBS to remove JC from the house…





There is more drama circling around the Big Brother house. Two white housemates, Rachel and Angela, were out getting some sun when they started to complain about how dark they were getting.

“Rachel kicks it off by saying her stomach was as dark as fellow houseguest Bayleigh Dayton — who is black. Angela makes things worse by responding with … “I know. I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration.”

Check out the clip below…


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