Serena Williams Cries After Missing Her Daughter’s First Steps, Chrissy Teigen And More Respond With Supportive Tweets!

Serena Williams is one of the most talented athletes in the world. She’s already considered to be the best female tennis player to ever play the game. She will go down in history as one of the greats.

And as you all know, the 36-year-old tennis pro has been going through the most difficult time of her career. Not because of an injury, but because of a miracle. She had her first baby girl 10 months ago. The birth was difficult, Serena was in the hospital days after, and the recovery has been slow.

She’s making progress, though, and she’s been training non-stop lately. Unfortunately, that means she can’t be with her daughter, Alexis, 24/7.

On Saturday (July 7) Serena went on her Twitter account to tell everyone she missed Alexis’ first steps because she was training.



That’s rough, but the good news is that she has over 10 million followers to lift her back up.





This is when Twitter is at its best. Hell, this is when the internet is at its best. When we lift each other up instead of dragging each other down. I can only imagine how wonderful it felt for Serena to read the replies from mom’s in similar situations.

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