Ludacris Has A Good Heart, Has Been Helping Random Strangers Pay For Groceries For Years Without Telling Anyone!

There are some people who do good just because they have warm hearts, and there are others who do good and then brag about it on social media. We all have those friends who will brag about their good deeds on Facebook, and they’ll justify it by saying, “I’m just sharing so we can all pay it forward!”

BULLSH*T! You’re posting it so you’ll get likes and a few comments saying, “Your heart is made of gold, Shirley!”

Of course, we all know the people with actual golden hearts don’t boast about their good deeds. They do it simply because they want to help others.

Ludacris is one of those people. Yes, the man who wants to li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes also wants to pa-pa-pa-pay for all your groceries. Back on July 30, a woman named Therra posted on Facebook about how she was shopping at Whole Foods because she had a $250 gift card.

When she went to checkout, her bill came out to be $375 (because Whole Foods is expensive AF) and she didn’t have enough money to buy everything. That’s when the man (LUDA!) behind her stepped in and paid for everything.

The woman was left in tears, and after Luda left, the cashier told the woman who the man was, “This guy is awesome run amok. You know why? He was just doing something kind for a disheveled, harried stranger.”

This post got people wondering, “Is this the first time Luda has done something like this?” Well, no. It turns out, he loves Whole Foods and loves helping people…





Luda’s manager told reporters he does things like this all the time, “but he doesn’t want to do interviews to highlight it. It’s just his heart.”

Damn. He’s the Keanu Reeves of rap.

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