Jimmy Fallon Vomits While Playing Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds (VIDEO)

If you’re a fan of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, then you probably know the drinking game Drinko, a spoof of The Price is Right’s Plinko game. During the game, contestants drop tokens down the board and watch them bounce down into slots at the bottom.

In this drinking game version, the slots contain cups of disgusting concoctions. Fallon decided to play this game with Ryan Reynolds recently, and it didn’t go so well for Fallon.

During the first round, he was forced to drink a strange mixture of blended Twinkies and horseradish. And as you can see from the video below, it was too much for him. He picked up the trash can and puked.

Reynolds picked up the can after the vomiting was complete and was surprised to see how much Fallon barfed up, “You barfed up your whole childhood,” Reynolds commented.

Watch the hilariousness below…

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